Last updated on 2019-10-16.

Classes Taken

University of Chicago (2019-present)

Class Title (abbreviated) Instructor(s)
PPHA 30800 Analytical Politics Dziuda
PPHA 32300 Microeconomics I Coleman
PPHA 38720 Urban Economics Ierulli

UC Berkeley (2012-2016)

Class Title (abbreviated) Instructor(s)
CS 61A SICP DeNero
CS 61B Data Structures Hilfinger
CS 61C Machine Structures Garcia
CS 161 Computer Security Tygar
CS 162 Operating Systems Culler
CS 164 Compilers Hilfinger
CS 170 Algorithms Papadimitriou, Raghavendra
CS 186 Database Systems Brewer
CS 188 Artificial Intelligence Abbeel
CS 189 Machine Learning Efros, Malik
CS 270 Graduate Algorithms Lau
EE 120 Signals and Systems Arcak
EE 127 Optimization Models El Ghaoui
Math H110 Honors Linear Algebra Holtz
Math 104 Real Analysis Fuchs
Math H113 Honors Abstract Algebra Glick
Math 128A Numerical Analysis Strain
Math 185 Complex Analysis Liu
Math 202A Topology and Analysis Rieffel
Stat 133 Computing with Data Lucas
Stat 134 Concepts of Probability Song
Stat 135 Concepts of Statistics Stoyanov
Stat 150 Stochastic Processes Sly
Stat 151A Linear Modelling Guntuboyina
Stat C241A Statistical Learning Theory Jordan